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In just a few days, everyone will be marking a close to 2013 and welcoming 2014.

2013 has been an interesting year. It’s a year where I gone through so many changes in my life. To think I am one that doesn’t like changes. It had been a good learning experience for me personally.

It all began with being attached and within a span of 6 months, we decided to tie the knot and get married. So 2013 started with my wedding, where I became a husband to a wonderful lady. With this new role, it brings about a new set of responsibilities. Actions and decisions are no longer a 1 person issue.

Things aren’t always a bed of roses, the only way is to view all these as a learning journey, a process when we learn and grow so as to strengthen and nurture the young relationship together. I am still learning…. it’s not easy at times but am constantly trying to keep the spirits positive.

Next came the news of the arrival of a new member into the house-hold. Another round of change management kicks in. However the real action comes in only after the 10 months of nurturing. I must say, this has got to be the biggest change I gone through. Within a short span of time, I have to step up and adapt to the new role of a father. Feeding and carrying a new-born was something I never learnt how to do but mystically got the hang of it with the arrival of the little one.

The whole period before the 1 month baby shower was a memorable event. From sleeping in the humid room with the wife to handling the little one. It will be a part of memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

There is still a long way in the nurturing of my little one, I am really blessed to have a good and co-operative kid that really makes our baby caring process less daunting. Thank you!! My Boy!!

In the career front, things are good ever since I made the switch to join the Uni. It has been a good learning experience in terms of expanding my librarianship knowledge. Seeing how a Uni Library functions really help in building up my librarianship knowledge. Good to be in a department where I have good colleagues / team-mates. Going forward, I believe there are still lots of things I can learn and further enhance my librarianship knowledge. Let’s see what 2014 has install for me then.

Hopefully I can find the time, energy and opportunity to restart my studies. While I am expanding my librarianship knowledge, I still did not give up on my dreams of becoming a qualified counsellor one day. I think nothing beats the joy of being able to help someone in need, giving them the strength and hope to move on and move forward.

Looking at my plates now… I can say resuming my studies will be a challenge. Though I think the opportunities of volunteering to do counselling related support works might be more viable, as I can keep my counselling skills current, while keeping informed of what are the latest developments within the social work industry.




Tingling Thoughts

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Crossing the 1 month mark into my new job. Had been a great experience thus far, good working environment, manageable work-load, nice colleagues and in a pretty prestige organisation. I guess it sets the direction to a long-term career stay.
Am glad that I had taken the plunge to join them, leaving my comfort zone. Am learning new things and exposed to how academic libraries are being run. It really helped in enhancing my experience in this line.

Just that I had less of ‘me’ time at work, given the open layout and also the stream of things to do.


Anticipating changes to my life, with the new member due to arrive in October. A whole series of change and adapting will happen. Am partly preparing myself for some of the changes set to happen but also in managing the unknown changes. I guess it will be a series of change-management to cope for my mum, my in-law, my wife and I.


Had notice a big change in my time spent with friends. Been meeting up less ever since I got married but keeping in constant contact through watsapp. I guess its something I have to try to work on. Somehow am feeling a bit bad about this.




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Will be embarking to a new job in May. Managed to secure a post with a local Uni providing research support to the students and faculty members of the Uni.

Was very glad to secure this job with favorable pay package and benefits. The much-needed pay package jump had finally happened. 🙂

With this new job, I believe my working life will be more enriching and I believe it will be another whole new exposure to my current work experience.

May will also be the month where the gender for the little one will be known and then it will be counting down to his/her arrival. Haa… another whole new level of changes to come and cope.

Yes… though things are progressing at a fast rate, I am still very blessed to be able to cope and handle all the changes well. Though there are times where it’s mentally and emotionally draining. But on hindsight, such speedy progress had let me grow and developed myself at a faster rate, gone are the days where procrastination takes control of things, now everything has to be planned and executed with due consideration to the future, as there are mouths to feed. Heee…. 🙂 so I guess unless we are placed in an environment where we must grow and developed, we will also take our own sweet time to develop ourself.

Of course I am also blessed to have my friends supporting me, showing concerns and encouraging me all these while. It’s really good to know there will always be people whom you can rely and count on when you need the extra push, the extra care and concern, the advice and encouragement and even the extra pair of ears to listen to my blabbering.

Come May… It will be a fun month.





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Its been a while since I head over here to write some stuffs.

Yes.. There had been a shift in focus ever since I got married and settled down. It had been an enjoyable journey thus far, though along the way there were the occasional humps and bumps, but taking all these as a learning process helps to bring out the positive notion to all the happenings. Furthermore, all these learning had also helped developed myself and my character.

Just wanting to share some thoughts on something I observed over the weekend. Was at an event organised by a music school, where they were show-casing performance by their students and was rather disturbed by what I observed.

As the event was organised by a music school, naturally the performers were mainly kids and teenagers. While waiting for the performance to start, I took a good look at all the performers sitting at the side waiting for their turn to perform. What stroke me hard was the expression on every performers face (kids to teenagers). I could not see any tinge of enthusiasm or even joy in these performers face. It felt like those kids were waiting for their turn to go for exams or something instead of a performance.

The feeling I had of the performers were like how a typical student in school does –  learning what he/she needs to learn and sit for the exam at the end of the whole term. (Yes, I know these kids in music schools takes exams too and perhaps these type of events just served as an additional validation to their acquired knowledge).

Its was something I felt rather disturbed and in my heart, I tell myself I will not want to put my kids in such a situation in the future. To give them stress like that and put them in a stressful situation like that.

To me, learning a performing art is supposed to be something enjoyable and develops the learner’s skills and knowledge in that art, it should be based on the learner’s interest in that area and cultivate it based on one’s interest.

To see joy and enjoyment being taken away from kids because of learning is really sad.




Band of Brothers

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On 6th Jan 2013, I was blessed to be married to a wonderful lady and received the blessings and well-wishes from my friends, relatives and family.

Apart from this, I am also lucky to have a group of good brothers to assist in coordinating the whole event from morning till late noon. A good band of brothers no less.

  • Brother who took the initiative to be the ad-hoc videographer for the day with his handphone (effect turns out well too).
  • Brothers who constantly advised me of the things to take note of during each transition phase and the meticulous tracking of time to ensure everything goes on smoothly.
  • Brothers who advised the best transport arrangement to the guests and ensure my expenses are kept to the minimal.
  • Brothers who don’t mind going the extra mile to ensure the guests are transported back safely to their hotels and get prepared for the dinner.

It is a day where I experienced what brotherhood is all about and what it meant to have people going all out for you. For that I am appreciative of these group of brothers.


New Year, New Journey

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Just realised I didn’t make any entry for the month of December. Guess was really caught up with the preparation and stuffs.

Well… Time passes by and now we are already into a new year, 2013. This will be the year where i embarked onto a new journey. Entering the next phase of my life – getting married.

It used to be something I take lightly of and soon it became something I wished and hoped for. So now it has finally happened.

When we talked about our relationship, it does seems like stories from those drama series. We started communicating via phone messaging and online messaging, then the decision for her to come by to meet up and that’s where our journey began. That is also where I got to experience what long-distance relationship is all about and the emotional challenges it brings along.

Thus we decided to make plans for regular meet-ups, with both of us flying over at every alternate months, spending time together and knowing each other better. It is under such circumstances where we valued each others presences and appreciate even the smallest things we did for each other.

Soon the discussion on our future came up and what will our lives be. After going through our plans, the decision to settle down was made – though it was amidst some queries and concern from both our elders.

Nonetheless, after having addressed the concerns. Preparation began and I am glad to have the support, encourage and assistance from my parents, sisters and friends. Though it was tough at the beginning, with what seems like loads of things to source, confirm and coordinate. I am truly blessed to have everything progressing well.

Of course, in the midst of the preparation, my lady’s presence for close to 3 weeks does help in getting most of the details finalised and provided the comfort, assurance and encouragement.

Now I am 4 days away to my wedding day, everything is going on well and of course the arrival of my lady’s during the weekend has set the stage ready.

This new year, I will embarked on a new journey together with my lady. A wonderful lady no less. Truly blessed I am to have met this lady and agreeing to start this journey together with me. For that I am thankful and really blessed.


Next Phase

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Finally the exams are over, that marks the end of Year 1 for my path towards being a trained Social Worker. Am glad to have the perseverance to see myself through it, despite facing some changes in life. Hopefully the results for this semester will be good too.

Now that my exams are over. It will be back to focusing on the preparation for the Big Day in January. So far things are going on pretty well and in progress. Right now will be preparing to send out the invites and confirmed the actual guest list. Am glad to be supported by my family and friends in this preparation journey.

I guess after all these preparation work, the next phase will be to start leading a life based on the new status and role.




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Finally after months of taking up the role of Library Officer for the 2 corporate accounts, I had managed to set the roots firmly at these 2 libraries.

The initial challenge was to cope with the demands of these 2 places, since both libraries function differently with their own operation needs. Having to gain the trust from the respective managers at the 2 libraries was also one of the challenge then. But I am glad I managed to not only gain the trust from the managers but also proved to them the experience I had with me will be an asset to both the institutes (particularly the afternoon library – being ‘tapped’ greatly by the Admin Manager).

What I learnt from these months of roots setting? A lot of things really depends on one’s attitude and mind-set. If we set our attitude and mind-set right. We can change a lot of seemingly gloomy stuffs to positive.

In the case of the afternoon library. I was redeployed to the resource center at level 1, sharing the room with the IT department and the books were kept in compactors instead of shelves. What makes the deployment depressing was the ‘mess’ at my work-area. Located at the corner with cartons stacking up at the front and back. The very first thought that crossed my mind was… It felt like being ‘thrown’ to an unwanted corner in the institute. So yes.. for the next few days, I was feeling pretty upset about the way I was treated.

Lucky thing was somehow, I managed to get back my senses after reading some encourage stuffs and decide to make the best of my situation – in this case, my work area. Put in more effort in clearing up the cartons of books, cleaned up the whole area and arranged the whole area to make it more pleasing to work.

After a matter of weeks, I now owned one of the most simple but conducive work-area, where I enjoyed total privacy at my area without having to worry having anyone peering behind my back. What’s more I get to enjoy blasting my music at times.

This had kind of taught me the importance of setting the attitude and mind-set right. I could have bitch and whine about the situation, felt like I am being mistreated and stuffs. But that still won’t changed the fact that I have to be stationed at level 1 and work from there. So rather than bitch about it, do something to change it.

Another learning experience I gained was how being confident and taking pride in what I do helped gained the trust from the managers at the 2 libraries.

That is how I managed to set the roots firmly in these 2 libraries.

So yah… am pleased with what I do for now and finding the joy in playing my part in these 2 libraries.


The Awesome 7

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Had arranged a meet up with my library kids on Tuesday, as they would like to meet up with my wife before she leaves. So they decide to join me at the airport in seeing my wife back home.

So we met up for a simple breakfast before proceeding to get my wife check-in for her flight. Thereafter she decides to proceed in to clear the custom as she needs to get some stuffs from the duty-free shops.

While we are bidding our fare-wells, the kids actually did a simply placard display asking my wife to come back fast and that I will missed her. It was quite a touching scene, having 7 kids lining up and each holding 1-2 piece of A4 paper with words cut and pasted on it, while shouting the message to my wife.

Didn’t really expect the kids to do that but was deeply touched by their creativeness and cuteness in doing something like that. It really brought tears to my eyes.

They even made plans to have me join them in their activities after we left the airport, cos they know I will be sad so they decide to keep me occupied with them. Really sweet and thoughtful of them.

Throughout the day, I just can’t help tearing when I thought of what they did. That is why, I am real glad to have these group of kids. A real wonderful bunch of them.


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Preparation has been going well and in progress. Her presences was greatly felt and has indeed provided the much-needed support and relief.

Completed our photo-shoot and it was a great and enjoyable experience. The only tiring part has to be the waiting for the lady to have her hair style and make-up done according to her selected gown. Am glad that the staffs at the bridal shop were friendly and very helpful. So that certainly helped in making the whole photo-shoot fun.

Am left with another few days with her before she flies back and we will only be seeing each other in Dec.It’s sad that my leave application for next week had to be scale back, thereby reducing the time we could spent with each other, especially on the last day before she flies back home.

Seriously… It will be another test of emotional and mental strength. Though there are quite a bit of things to keep me occupied in the coming months, exams, reservist and whatever preparation works for the big day, hopefully that will help to keep my mind busy.

Shall treasure these remaining few days together, though it’s already packed with things to do and firm up but its great and meaningful because we are doing the necessary for our future.

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